What Is The Best Platform To Build A Website On?

What Is The Best Platform To Build A Website On?

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Benefits To Look For In Website Platforms

In this article, we are going to look at a couple of popular platforms to build a website on. We will discuss the features of each one and what benefits you should look for in a good building platform. When choosing a platform to build a website on, you want one that’s easy, quick, and intuitive.

You need a website that looks professionally built. By this, I mean you want a clean, easy to read and navigate site that is appealing to the reader. Here are some prerequisites in choosing the best platform to build a website on:

  1. Short Learning Curve – You don’t want to spend hours learning how to build a website. Being able to jump right in and start creating is a huge plus. You want your website up and running as soon as possible.
  2. Ease Of Use – The interface of the building platform should be easy to navigate and intuitive. Tools and elements should be easily accessible and self-explanatory.
  3. Assistance – If you get stuck or have a tech issue, the building platform should have a way you can get assistance to correct the problem in a timely manner.


It’s Easier Now To Build A Website

The good thing about today’s website builder platforms is the simplified ways in the creation process used to build a website. You no longer need to have an education in a programming language. Most platforms today are a drag n drop, point n click, fill in the text type editors.

The most popular programming language used before the advent of these easy to use builder platforms was HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You had to have at least a basic knowledge of HTML to build a website. This is no longer an issue.


2 Popular Website Builder Platforms

The 2 platforms we are going to talk about here are Wix and SiteRubix. These are among the most widely used platforms to build a website with. Both are easy to use, intuitive, and have predesigned templates you can use for a professional looking website design.



The Wix Platform

Inside the Wix editor, you can start with a blank page or choose from over 500 predesigned templates. Their drag and drop website builder makes for easy customization. Create beautiful websites with video backgrounds, parallax, animation, and more—all without worrying about code.

You don’t need any code or design skills to build a website – anyone can do it! Discover the intuitive drag and drop Editor, 100s of stunning templates, advanced design features, eCommerce, blogging, domains, secure hosting, and so much more – all on Wix.com.


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The SiteRubix Platform

SiteRubix takes website building to a completely new level. All technical aspects have been removed so you can have your website up and running within minutes.  SiteRubix is powered by WealthyAffiliate.com which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly unique and valuable.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is there 24/7 for support, coaching, and help. If you’ve tried to build a website on other platforms you can run into many problems related to design and technical issues.

Creating a website with SiteRubix is easy and only takes a few seconds. Hard to believe, but true! Once you have your site up and running you can take step by step courses that show you how to connect with your target audience.

How to get ranked in Google, earn revenue, and advertise in all the social media platforms is all included when you build a website at SiteRubix. SiteRubix websites are responsive and mobile-ready because they adapt to any screen size. You want all your visitors to have a great experience on your website.

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1,000’s Of Professional Designs

The professionally designed template you see above is the template I’m using on this site. With 1000’s of professional designs you can choose from, you have the complete freedom to create a website you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll even help you get started by suggesting a handful of awesome themes you can use.

SiteRubix is the world’s easiest website builder hands down. I am using SiteRubix to build this site and I love it. You can build a stunning website in less than 5 minutes, (no domain required). Build a website that is not only functional but one that makes a statement. SiteRubix takes care of everything that is technical so you don’t have to.


Website Hosting

Both Wix and SiteRubix have free hosting available for your website. Wix offers an all-in-one solution for your professional online presence. Build a site, choose your domain name, manage your business and enjoy free web hosting. SiteRubix hosts your websites free on a state-of-the-art cloud hosting network that has been built entirely around what online business owners need.

In the end, you can choose which platform to build a website you want to use. I have used both platforms and like them both but prefer SiteRubix for its easy functionality and boatloads of features. To me the choice is clear.

Investigate for yourself and let me know what you think. I am eager to find out what choice you make and why.


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