Anthony Morrison – Scam Artist?

Anthony Morrison – Scam Artist?

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Is Anthony Morrison a Scam Artist?

Company: Anthony Morrison

Website: and many more.

Owner: Anthony Morrison

Price: Undefined

Rating: 0.1 out of 5 stars


What Makes This Guy So Special?

You may have seen Anthony Morrison on TV late night infomercials, talking about his fantastic income generating programs with great enthusiasm. However, beneath all the front and enthusiasm lies a man who is not entirely honest in his dealings.

I bought his book, “Advertising Profits From Home,” a few years ago. I read the book and started putting it into practice. This book was about affiliate marketing, how to find products, set up a website, and sell the products.

The book did not go into great detail about affiliate marketing, setting up your website, or how to sell the products. So, I ended up trying to sell everything from apples to zebra strips with no content, just products. Needless to say, I didn’t sell anything and was out the money for the book, my website and hosting, and more.


You’d Think I Would Have Learned A Lesson

Just recently I downloaded a PDF from Anthony, “Fan Page Domination.” The PDF claims to show you how to leverage simple Facebook Fan Pages to generate massive amounts of traffic but again doesn’t give you a lot of detailed instruction.

Then came the continuous upsells like, coaching, webinars, autoresponders, club memberships, and on and on it went. I also got between 5 to 10 emails a day continuing to try to upsell me with his different products. I had already spent $70 to join his Success Connection club and now I’ve had enough.

So I decided to get a refund. I emailed the club and told them I wanted a refund. I waited for days to get a reply and got none. It wasn’t until I threatened legal action that they replied. It took me 7 days after all that to get my refund. I just wanted to find a legit opportunity and my own business.


My Opinion

There are probably a lot of people out there that have probably made some money off of Anthony Morrison’s programs but his tactics leave something to be desired. Attracting people to your programs and then focusing on upsells with high-pressure sales is not my idea of how to conduct business.

Company: Anthony Morrison
Website: and many more.
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Price: Undefined
Rating: 0.1 out of 5 stars

Verdict: SCAM



Then The Clouds Parted and The Sun Came Out

Right after the run-in with Morrison and his shenanigans, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I joined as a free member and went premium 2 weeks later. I was amazed by the platform and the sheer size of the community. I felt welcome and cared about right from the start. The company is honest and straight off the sleeve when it comes to its claims.

If you are tired and frustrated of getting scammed and want a legit opportunity to succeed, read this:

My 2018 Review of Wealthy Affiliate

If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below. I am happy to help!


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Jeff is the founder of Biz Builder Online and an online marketing consultant helping people get started in the creation and management of their own online businesses.


reyhana Posted on12:10 pm - Oct 3, 2018

Yea, i guess some people are able to make money with the methods taught, but when these “make-money-online” creators mislead innocents, telling them that all they will ever need, to make thousands of dollars a day, is their system and then giving them something that’s lacking, that’s a scam. It does not deliver.

I will remember the name and keep away. Thanks.

    Jeff Posted on1:33 pm - Oct 3, 2018

    I am glad we are getting this kind of news out there. Anthony Morrison is just one of the many 1,000s! HUGE LESSON, don’t join anything unless you make a thorough review of it first. I don’t believe in Karma, but I do believe life has a way of correcting that which is wrong. Mr. Morrison’s dishonesty and bad business ethics will catch up with him. Thanks for commenting on this review Reyhana…


Sharon Posted on6:10 pm - Oct 4, 2018

Hi Jeff,
This is what annoys me so much with programs and people is their damn uspells. Only $13 or $47 to join or whatever, then as you go through the signup process you have all these one time offers thrown at you that “you have to have to be successful”

I am so glad I am now part of a company that does the complete opposite to all of these and gives you so much value for money! AND NO UPSELLS !!!

    Jeff Posted on9:06 pm - Oct 4, 2018

    You’re so right Sharon, I’ll bet I got hit with at least 10 upsells signing up for Morrison’s program. It really ticked me off because I thought I was getting the whole program. Boy was I ever wrong. Thanks for the comments, Sharon! I am making it one of my main goals here to steer people away from this kind of rip off artist.

    Thanks again,


EMMANUEL R. Posted on4:01 pm - Oct 7, 2018

Hi Jeff,

I have just read your article carefully and I must tell you very honestly that I am very pleased.

It’s sad to see that there are so-called online entrepreneurs who sell scams programs such as Anthony Morrison to get rich at the expense of honest citizens.

We need people like you to continue to reveal such scams and show us the best way to earn money online.

Thanks again Jeff.

    Jeff Posted on8:31 pm - Oct 7, 2018

    Well, thank you, Emmanuel. But all of us can do our part to help one another by warning of these fraudulent programs aimed at dupping honest citizens out of there hard earned money. Something has to be done about these kinds of businesses if only to get it out there and let it be known.

    Your voices are just as loud as mine and the more of us that detest this kind of business practice, the louder our voices become and we will be heard from the masses.

    Best Regards,


Deraj Posted on4:10 pm - Oct 7, 2018

I will not call Anthony Morrison a scam artist but yes, I will definitely run away from the programs whenever I see the name Anthony Morrison. I can’t call him scam artist because he knows a lot about online marketing strategies but I will not join his programs because his programs are way too overly priced due to the upsells. And even he never cares to update his lots of programs. Support form him is also terrible as well as he always more focused to sell his own programs to his followers than actually teaching the real internet marketing strategies to them. So, I agree with lots of points in your post.

    Jeff Posted on8:06 pm - Oct 7, 2018

    Thank you for your viewpoints on this Deraj. I myself am a believer in good business ethics, the relationship you have with your customers is built on honesty, integrity, and loyalty. If you tell your customers up front how the deal works, then you are being honest. The opposite could be said about Mr. Morisson because he hides the fact that there are several more upsells needed to complete the package.

    For this reason alone without adding anything else, I believe Mr. Morisson is scamming more money out of people who were led to believe they had purchased everything they needed the first time. Loyalty comes into play when you take care of your customer with good support and customer service. Evidently, this is also seriously lacking. Some scam artist’ are enthusiastic but very subtle in their approach.

    Thanks Again,

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