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What's your passion? What is it that you would like to do? Find what it is and then build your business around that idea. There are literally 1,000s of ideas anyone can choose to start a profitable business. It all starts with a beautiful website.

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Jaaxy is the industry's only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can now be a breeze!

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How to Market Your Passion – Find A Niche

market your passion

What Is Your Passion?

Your passion is something you love to do, something that gets you inspired and excited when you do it. If you love painting or photography, then that is your passion. If you love music or model railroading, then that is your passion. How would you like to learn to market your passion and make an income in your own niche?

Maybe you didn’t think it was possible to make an income with a hobby or passion but you can. In this article, I am going to show you just how easy it really is to market your passion. So, where must I start to market my passion or hobby?


Find A Niche To Market Your Passion

So what exactly is a niche and what does it mean to you? Below is a list of meanings that describe what a niche is.

  1. Any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.
  2. To specialize in a niche or particular narrow section of the market.
  3. Pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal to a certain audience.


Discussion Groups, Forums, and Clubs

So a niche is an audience made up of whom you market your passion to. In other words, people who have the same hobbies or passions as you do. You can search for discussion groups, forums and clubs on Google to find your niche or audience.

Get to know your audience and what they need and want by conversing with them. Once you know what they are looking for, you can casually mention your passion and what you have to offer. Do not by any means spam them by posting your site or bombarding them with sales presentations. That’s the quickest way to get kicked off.


Social Media Platforms

Another way to connect with an audience is social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Search in the search bar on a social media platform for passions and hobbies like the passion you have. Connect with these people and you can do the same as mentioned above.

With social media platforms, it is easier to market your passion or hobby by way of social sharing. Make sure you are following any guidelines the group or page moderator has set up when you join.

build a website

Build A Website To Market Your Passion

A website is your storefront where you can market your passion or hobby to 3.8 billion people on the internet. Your website is the foundation of your business. Every business needs a good foundation and a website is an excellent way to start.

A professional looking website is easy to build and you can have one up and running in a matter of minutes. You can set up your store, create contact forms, set up merchant accounts, drop ship items, and so much more.

High Ranking In The Search Engines

We can teach you how to get ranked at the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The higher up you are in the search listings, the more visitors you will get. The more visitors you get, the more revenue you can make.

We use a little thing here we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is where we use keywords that people search for when looking for a certain item or information on the search engine. Then we use them in our content on our website. In this way, the people looking for the item or information can find your item or information.

It becomes necessary then to research keywords that rank the highest in the search engines. For this task, we use a keyword research tool called Jaaxy. You can use Jaaxy to find great keywords, learn what your competitors are doing to get their rank, find a niche, and brainstorm ideas. Jaaxy is also a great tool to use to find out where your website is ranking.


We Can Help You Market Your Passion

At Biz Builder Online it is our mission to show you a proven affiliate/internet marketing training course that will guide you step by step to build your own business online. We help you turn your passion into a profitable, life-changing venture of long-term success.

We’ll provide you with 2 profit ready websites, training and support, help 24/7, and all the tools you need to get started for free. Join 1,400,000 others who are doing the same thing as you read this and having remarkable success doing what they love, marketing their passion!


You Won’t Find A Deal Like This Anywhere

When you decide that you want to market your passion or hobby, you’ll get everything I mentioned to you above and more. I am almost sure that you’ll like what we have to offer so much that you’ll want to upgrade from free member to premium member within a few days as I did.

In fact, if you upgrade within 7 days from the time you join as a free member, I will give you 39% off your first membership fee payment. That makes it only $19 to join as a premium member and $49 a month after.


There’s More? Yep… You Bet!

That’s not all! If you sign up as a premium member I am going to send you to Cancun on a 6 night 5-day vacation at a luxurious resort.

I know what you’re going to say already… This sounds too good to be true. Well, test me out and I’ll show you that I am not pulling your leg.


A Risk-Free Offer That’s Hard To Refuse

I’ll tell you what… Start as a free member and see if you like it. If you don’t that’s great you haven’t spent a dime. But if you do like it and think it’s worth what we are asking then I’ll give you that vacation when you go premium. I GUARANTEE IT!

You don’t need a credit card to get started and you can cancel anytime you want. So what do you say to market what you love to do starting right now? What have you got to lose? Zero! What have you got to gain? Turn your passion into a profitable, life-changing venture of long-term success. Join Free Today!


What Is The Best Platform To Build A Website On?

build a website

Features To Look For In Website Platforms

In this article, we are going to look at a couple of popular platforms to build a website on. We will discuss the features of each one and what benefits you should look for in a good building platform. When choosing a platform to build a website on, you want one that’s easy, quick, and intuitive.

You need a website that looks professionally built. By this, I mean you want a clean, easy to read and navigate site that is appealing to the reader. Here are some prerequisites in choosing the best platform to build a website on:

  1. Short Learning Curve – You don’t want to spend hours learning how to build a website. Being able to jump right in and start creating is a huge plus. You want your website up and running as soon as possible.
  2. Ease Of Use – The interface of the building platform should be easy to navigate and intuitive. Tools and elements should be easily accessible and self-explanatory.
  3. Assistance – If you get stuck or have a tech issue, the building platform should have a way you can get assistance to correct the problem in a timely manner.


It’s Easier Now To Build A Website

The good thing about today’s website builder platforms is the simplified ways in the creation process used to build a website. You no longer need to have an education in a programming language. Most platforms today are a drag n drop, point n click, fill in the text type editors.

The most popular programming language used before the advent of these easy to use builder platforms was HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You had to have at least a basic knowledge of HTML to build a website. This is no longer an issue.


2 Popular Website Builder Platforms

The 2 platforms we are going to talk about here are Wix and SiteRubix. These are among the most widely used platforms to build a website with. Both are easy to use, intuitive, and have predesigned templates you can use for a professional looking website design.



The Wix Platform

Inside the Wix editor, you can start with a blank page or choose from over 500 predesigned templates. Their drag and drop website builder makes for easy customization. Create beautiful websites with video backgrounds, parallax, animation, and more—all without worrying about code.

You don’t need any code or design skills to make your own website – anyone can do it! Discover the intuitive drag and drop Editor, 100s of stunning templates, advanced design features, eCommerce, blogging, domains, secure hosting, and so much more – all on


build a website siterubix


The SiteRubix Platform

SiteRubix takes website building to a completely new level. All technical aspects have been removed so you can have your website up and running within minutes.  SiteRubix is powered by which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly unique and valuable.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is there 24/7 for support, coaching, and help. If you’ve tried to build a website on other platforms you can run into many problems related to design and technical issues.

Creating a website with SiteRubix is easy and only takes a few seconds. Hard to believe, but true! Once you have your site up and running you can take step by step courses that show you how to connect with your target audience.

How to get ranked in Google, earn revenue, and advertise in all the social media platforms is all included when you build a website at SiteRubix. SiteRubix websites are responsive and mobile-ready because they adapt to any screen size. You want all your visitors to have a great experience on your website.


1,000’s Of Professional Designs

With 1000’s of professional designs you can choose from, you have the complete freedom to create a website you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll even help you get started by suggesting a handful of awesome themes you can use.

SiteRubix is the world’s easiest website builder hands down. I am using SiteRubix to build this site and I love it. You can build a stunning website in less than 5 minutes, (no domain required). Build a website that is not only functional but one that makes a statement. SiteRubix takes care of everything that is technical so you don’t have to.


Website Hosting

Both Wix and SiteRubix have free hosting available for your website. Wix offers an all-in-one solution for your professional online presence. Build a site, choose your domain name, manage your business and enjoy free web hosting. SiteRubix hosts your websites free on a state-of-the-art cloud hosting network that has been built entirely around what online business owners need.

In the end, you can choose which platform to build a website you want to use. I have used both platforms and like them both but prefer SiteRubix for its easy functionality and boatloads of features. To me the choice is clear.

Investigate for yourself and let me know what you think. I am eager to find out what choice you make and why. Your comments or questions are welcome here.

Jeff Herman – CEO and founder of Biz Builder Online

Developing Good Business Ethics – Are You Doing This?

good business ethics right wrong sign

What Are Good Business Ethics?

Good business ethics (also known as corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

Business ethics – Wikipedia

Businesses must operate with a good foundation of ethics in order to retain a positive image which relates to the proper treatment of employees and fair market practices in terms of price and consumer treatment.

Wealthy Affiliate is a prime example of a company that uses good business ethics. From the treatment of its members and consumers, WA continues to set the standard in today’s online market.


What Has Happened To Ethics Today?

From the year 2000 on, business ethics have expanded to include the online realm. Major ethical problems of the 21st century center around cybersecurity and privacy issues.  20 years ago identity theft was unheard of, but remain a huge threat to doing business online.

Because of this businesses face ever-increasing pressure socially and legally to protect their consumers’ sensitive information. This is one of the reasons why GDPR was enacted so customers have the right to refuse or accept their information is used on any website.

The popularity of data mining and target marketing have forced businesses to respect the consumers’ privacy and question using their data to collect valuable marketing information.


Incorporating Good Ethics In Business

Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values. Ethical behavior is good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

What is ethical behavior? definition and meaning …


Ethics In Marketing

Ethical marketing is the strategic approach to the marketing process with the establishment of specific guidelines that govern proper moral or ethical standards for operation by the owner of the business. The idea behind this approach is to use a degree of morality in the development of business practices.

This allows the company to pursue business opportunities and connect with consumers via its marketing and sales strategies. Factors such as community, industry standards, cultural aspects, all influence the marketing approach and the sector of the consumer market that your company wishes to engage as customers.

Ethical marketing usually begins with the owners of the company determining what they consider to be moral and ethical be applied to the business model. From there, the application of those moral and ethical standards in the operation of a business, help define the mission of the company.

business meeting

The Process Of Ethical Marketing

The overall process of ethical marketing is establishing standards of behavior. These are conducive to creating good consumer relations and public image. This will aid the company to connect with its target audience.

When successful, an ethical marketing approach to build and maintain a loyal client base will provide a steady flow of revenue.

Note: The companies that reflect good morals and ethics in operation of their businesses and marketing campaigns are more likely to hold their customers for a number of years.

Those companies that are found to operate with a different set of standards other than those of the buying public tend to lose consumer confidence and find it hard to stay in business.


Practice Good Business Ethics

We all know what the “Golden Rule” is, but do we practice it? Are you treating your customers like you would like to be treated?  Is what you are asking your customers fair as far as price and obligation? Do you communicate with your customer in a personal way that helps build trust and loyalty? Are you setting the standard for good moral and ethical conduct in your company?

These are questions you should be asking yourself as owners of your respective companies. Honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights all play an extremely important role in whether or not your business is trusted. Your business will prosper and grow if you use good business ethics.

upset lady

5 Bad Business Practices To Avoid

To succeed and gain a loyal following, avoid the following at all cost.

  1. Do Not Be Personally Offensive – It’s not about image only, you must have appropriate behavior. Don’t have a potty mouth, cuss or make sexist and racist remarks. Treat your business like a business, not a backyard BBQ.
  2. Fail To Fix A Problem – Some problems you can do nothing about, show a willingness and listen to a customer’s complaint. Help them find a solution. You will have happy customers and repeat business.
  3. Use High-Pressure Sales – Telling your customer he or she only has 3 minutes to buy a product or service or the opportunity will disappear, is a bad tactic. No one wants to feel pressured making an important decision. High-pressure sales tactics also tend to cover up something, so the consumer doesn’t have the time to make an informed decision.
  4. Hiding Upsells – This kind of tactic really tics consumers off! The owner has a product or service they sell. They purposely hide the fact the customer has to buy several other items in addition to the original sale. Be upfront and straight of the sleeve about everything.
  5. Misrepresenting – Misrepresenting your credentials or your abilities is a good way to run yourself out of business fast. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to help someone or trying to save them money. If you don’t have the qualifications then you have no business doing it.

I hope this information has been useful and you put into practice good morals and ethics when conducting business. Your comments and questions are always welcome… Let’s make the online business realm one that we can be proud of using good business ethics.

Jeff Herman – CEO and founder of Biz Builder Online